First Transit offers six daily fixed routes. Buses are operated during the time schedules outlined on the service tabs. Buses will make stops at the indicated locations on the schedules/routes and will acknowledge flag stops.


Standard Fares

Fixed Route Fares are $1.00 from bus stop to bus stop or along the route.


A Deviation is considered any stop up to 3/4 of a mile off the primary fixed route.  When requesting a deviation, you will need to be ready at the picked-up time and location given to the office. A Deviation is also any drop off that requires a driver to turn off the primary fixed route.  All Deviations are $3.00.



Children five and under ride free and must be accompanied by an adult.

Senior Citizens

Anyone 62 or older rides for $.50 on all fixed routes.  Must display a Medicare Card or other proof of age.  The reduced rate applies only to Fixed Route.

Individuals with Disabilities

Passengers with disabilities will have priority seating in the first two rows of the bus. Other passengers may be asked to adjust to a different seat.
All Buses have Wheelchairs Lifts on the Fixed Routes. At the time of boarding present a Medicare Card to driver and fares are $.50 for the fixed routes only.

Monthly Pass

Unlimited Transportation on all Chenango County Public Fixed Routes.  Passes are $30/month, when purchased are assigned to 1 person and are non-transferrable. Passes must be displayed each time you board and must remain in your possession for the entire trip

Flag Stop

A flag stop is consider to be any location along a fixed route that is SAFE for the Bus to stop.  Must be standing in visible location and flag to the driver to stop for pick-up.  Flag stop is also considered for Drop-off's other than the assigned locations.  Must alert Driver at the time of boarding that you would like to be dropped off at alternate location on the fixed route.  If the Driver deems it safe to stop, will do so.  Any drop off that requires the driver to deviate off the Fixed Route will be considered a Deviation and subject to extra charges.