*Please note, there is no longer "Departure time" the bus will not wait if you're not at the stop.

Stops Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival Arrival
Norwich- West Park 6:30AM 7:50AM 9:20AM 1:40PM 4:30PM
Leilani's Way   7:55AM 9:25AM 1:45PM 4:25PM
BOCES   8:00AM 9:30AM 1:50PM 4:20PM
North Norwich Post Office 6:40AM       4:07PM
Sherburne Bus Stop 6:50AM 8:18AM 9:48AM 1:58PM 4:03PM
Earlville- NBT 7:00AM 8:30AM 10:00AM 2:20PM 4:00PM
Sherburne - Grace Manor 7:10AM 8:40AM 10:10AM 2:30PM 3:50PM
Sherburne- Bus Stop 7:13AM 8:43AM 10:13AM 2:33PM 3:38PM
Chapel Street 7:17AM 8:47AM 10:17AM 2:37PM 3:28PM
BOCES 7:30AM 9:00AM 10:25AM 2:50PM 3:20PM
Norwich- West Park 7:40AM 9:10AM 10:35AM 3:00PM 3:10PM


Please note, the bus will not go back to West Park on his last trip unless requested.